-Got scope out many times throughout the summer, though never logged any sightings/data. 1st cool night. Clear calm skies. (bright surrounding lights) :(

(12.5mm eyepiece, then 6mm for some doubles, then 9mm)

-M22 in Sagittarius. (1st globular clusters I’ve ever seen. Pretty cool!) 10,500 light years away…

-M4 in Scorpius. Not nearly as bright as M22 but nice. to the SW of Antares.

-M5 Nice bright compact ‘snowball.’ 24,500ly. South of Sepens Caput.

-M13 ‘Great Hercules Cluster.’ Nice bright, distinct stars. -I like this one.

-HOLY SHIT! HUGE Meteor!! Lasted about 1.2 – 2 seconds. Travelled south from * in Cygnus to Altair. Great! Nice long tail too…

-M15 in Pegasus. Small cluster. 11:45pm


-On to double stars-

1) The ‘Double-Double.’ (Epsilon Lyrae) Cool, but hard to make out… VERY close seperation.

2) Gamma Delphini. This is the ‘nose’ of the dolphin constellation: Delphinus. The slightly bigger one in barely tinted green, and the other is blue-ish.

3) Albireo (Beta Cygni). Bright reddish star and diamond smaller blue star. Pretty.

-Saw the Ring Nebula in Lyra. A lot bigger than I thought it was going to be. Really cool.

-A few high, thin clouds started to move in. So I finished the night with a real nice view of Jupiter. Really distinct cloud bands. Still can’t see the Red Spot. Jupiter is high in the south, very bright. -Perfect viewing conditions for Jupiter. –

Great observing!!


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