Cool night. Clear. Half moon low in south west. Saw two meteors. One short, bright, slow in north east. Another longer, dim fast overhead. Jupiter looks great! Can see 4 very distinct cloud bands and 4 crisp moons. Saw the ‘double-double’ in Lyra. The colorful nose of the dolphin in Delphinus.



Another good ‘shooting star.’ Medium speed and brightness. Overhead and to the south. Add Uranus AND Neptune to the list of planets I’ve seen! *Uranus, I can barely make out a disk… almost like a bright/blurry star with a hint of green/blue. *Neptune looks exactly like a dim star. I can make out no disk, but with the help of my computer and ‘Stellarium,’ they were both fairly easy to locate… Even though they didn’t look that great through the eyepiece, it was still really cool to finally see them. As they say, a lot of astronomy, especially amateur stargazing is a lot of imagination. Even though they just looked like stars to me, I can just imagine the pictures in my head that I’ve seen in books and know that that is an actual planet out there -that theoretically I could go visit, and does actually exist.

*Stay young, keep imagining!

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