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-I realize it’s been MONTHS since my last entry, but I can assure you I’ve been out MANY nights observing. There’s has been a lot going on over the last few months and it’s been difficult juggling work, family, hobbies, etc… We’ve had a new addition to the family on December 15th; Ella Rae Fisher was born and life’s been even more awesome ever since! Astronomy-wise, I’ve had a new addition in April as well with a brand new scope setup! I purchased my (realistic) ‘dream’ setup which includes an Astro-Tech AT6RC Ritchey-Chretien astrograph, a Celestron CG-5 computerized German equatorial mount, and a Meade Deep Sky Imager Pro II… a GREAT setup for astrophotography which I’ve always wanted to pursue. The good thing about CCD camera setups is they’re great for more than just astrophotography, including variable star science and even extra-solar planet finding. So, I’m looking forward to doing real science as well as taking some really cool pictures!

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