9:30pm – 10:00pm

Perfect ‘Halloween’ night; light wind, crystal clear sky, beautiful multi-colored leaves… actually, this entire Fall has been picture-perfect – which is great for me since Fall is by far my favorite season. Anyways, just wanted to get outside tonight and try to image Uranus since it’s high in the sky in the evening. Well, I managed to find it very easily but it turned out to be not as picturesque as I hoped. Through the eyepiece I could tell fairly easily what it was and could make out a very small disk with a faint hint of greenish color but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to get a decent image of it so I didn’t even try. My skies are too bright around here and my scope at 6 inches is still a little small for such a distant object. Either way, even though I’ve seen Uranus before, I can officially mark this planet off the list of Objects to See. I think when a nicer night comes around I’ll still get an image of it to add to my collection of images anyway.

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