*Next Morning*

I forgot to transfer the image files to my networked drive so  can access them on the computer that I process the images on; capture images on PC in observatory, process images on PC in house.

The bad thing is that I didn’t save the files in the format I wanted (CR2 instead of RAW). Remember that next time! (*Later note: turns out, CR2 is the same thing as RAW)

-Anyways, beautiful summer morning. Cool in the shade of the dome in the rocking chair, warm coffee, cool breeze, music of the insects, moon setting directly in front of me…

I have an acoustic show tonight out at Buckeye Lake opening for Ian’s band which (hopefully) be a lot of fun. (*Later note: it was!!)

-Ya know, I read somewhere recently, “What would your child self think of your grownup self? Would they be proud? etc…”

-As I sit here, the end of summer 2013, beginning of the school year (Ella’s going all 5 days now), I think of all the things I have, all the things I’ve accomplished… and I cannot be more happy. More proud, more content. I have a hard working, beautiful wife who cooks amazingly; my daughters are everything a parent could possibly wish for… smart, funny, well-behaved. Our house and land. Our cars. My career – of course I wish I was a rocket scientist… or do I? Maybe that would take up too much time? I’m an electronic engineer with a bachelor’s of science. That’s plenty to be proud of for sure. I have my observatory which is my ultimate life hobby and a great website I’m super proud of to document it all on.

*Let me be absolutely clear though*

NONE of these things in my life that I’m so proud of would be possible without my friends and family. Literally, NONE of it. I owe every single thing I have and accomplished to them. I may be the catalyst (at best) but everything I have is because of them. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

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