Woke up early around 5am to do a little morning observing on a Saturday. Man, I must be getting old because if someone told me I’d be setting my alarm for 5am on a Saturday instead of sleeping in a few years ago, I’d call them crazy! I’ve recently changed my schedule at work so I’ve been waking up earlier than usual so I’m getting used to it now. And you know what? I actually like it! (Now that I’m getting decent quality sleep.) I was planning on waking up early even if I didn’t make it out to the observatory – Speaking of which –

Jupiter moon telescope sunrise

It’s a really nice morning save the fog. I guess it’s fog.There’s a haze over most of the sky that gets better the more straight-up you look…

– And… my computer just crashed!! –

I was calibrating my guidescope after focusing, taking darks, etc. etc. and just getting ready to image M33 -The Triangulum Galaxy- and it blue-screened on me! I thought I was going to get an image, any image, before the sun came up. Doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. (6:36am)

Time to enjoy my coffee and the sunrise!

I swear I have my own little ‘Sunrise Earth’ here. If it weren’t for the freeway noise, it’d be almost perfect…

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