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Woke up early to get an image of Jupiter with the webcam. It’s prime viewing/imaging conditions right now: early morning, no moon, still cold calm air… best I can ask for anyway. It’s Sunday morning so it’s very quiet and peaceful out. Very nice…

I captured ~5000 frames of Jupiter high in the sky with the webcam. Hopefully that turns out good. I’m still figuring out the software and settings. It didn’t take long though so I swapped out the webcam with the CanonT3 (of course) and slewed over to M42 (of course)… I keep grasping for the low-hanging fruit, I know! In my defense, I wanted to try imaging at a lower ISO since my images always seem to look so grainy, and by reducing the ISO, that reduces the sensor sensitivity thereby reducing the noise. I’m trying 1600 instead of 6400. We’ll see!

It’s getting late (early?) now. The sun should be coming up soon. I just stepped out and instantly saw two satellites passing over. You know the sun will be rising soon when the satellites start ‘coming out,’ ha!

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