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2015-03-15 Morning

Woke up this morning to a quiet house, feeling refreshed with a beautiful pre-Spring sunrise. Like my dad said this morning, “Birds are singing, ducks are quacking, Spring is just around the corner… finally.”

I’ve actually being making an effort to get healthy recently. I’ve said in posts previous that I would like to drink less and practice better sleep habits. Well, since I don’t plan things, they just sort-of ‘happen’ with me, last Tuesday was the day I started (don’t ask me, “why Tuesday?” I don’t know). I’ve consumed no alcohol whatsoever and have been going to bed early every single night. Now, I know it has only been five days, but I’m well on my way to a full week! Which is on my way to a month, and so on…

While it is out of my comfort zone, I wouldn’t say it’s hard. It’s just dealing with a routine I’m not used to and it’s going to take some time to get used to it. I wouldn’t say I feel drastically different, but I do feel better. Mostly, mentally I feel better because I know I’m doing what’s right and what’s healthy for my body. With embarrassing honesty: I hope I can make this last and I can eventually enjoy a routine that makes me just as happy as before where I can consume alcohol and ‘late nights’ in moderation.

On a completely different note…

Emergence, self awareness, responsibility

“To the extent that I know myself, I am known… With this comes the understanding that I am in charge of my own emergence. It is not something I must wait for, but something to seek, something to participate in achieving, something to delight in achieving.”

This is a quote from Ursula Goodenough in her book, The Sacred Depths of Nature. The book is basically an attempt at a scientific religious analogy. I’ve been waiting for this book my entire life. I would say I wish I found it earlier (it was published in 1998) but I’m not sure… I think I’m in the exact place now that I need to be to fully appreciate and understand it. While I still love Chet Raymo’s books (he’s still my favorite author), his books and The Sacred Depths of Nature are perfect compliments.

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