“Celestial movement at human speed”

“Moonrise in Real Time: Celestial movement at human speed”

Full Moon Silhouettes from Mark Gee on Vimeo.

Please don’t watch this without the volume up and fullscreen.

(*Watch it first, then read my thoughts):
If you watch the silhouettes, an entire lifetime can play out like a movie. The scene starts with a young man and woman – a couple, on a ‘first date.’ Then you get a glimpse of a whole group of different people; an entire society represented. The Human Civilization. A small child runs up to his mother. He begins climbing and playing on a rock while other folks simply take it all in and casually mingle. The child has his whole life ahead of him; who knows where life might lead him? And maybe that is what the lone traveler with his pack is reminiscing about while he stands in awe at the celestial spectacle before him. The mother ensures her child is safe and is understandably enveloped more with the well-being of her “world” than with the world around her. People snap photos of friends and loved-ones to remember this fleeting moment of their lives, one which they will never get back even if they tried. As the scene ends, to the far left a couple embrace and express the the one and only true human emotion: Love. And then, before you realize… it’s over.  It’s a three-minute epic that couldn’t have been played out any better if they were all actors choreographed by a professional. This was real. It was. Real.

“We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it’s forever.”
-Carl Sagan

(Nice, short post about the video here)

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