Inevitability of Hope

I’m a little tired this morning. Ella woke me up in the middle of the night last night by coming into my room and climbing into bed with me. I asked her if she had a bad dream, she said “no, I just wanted to come in here.” She moved the pillow closer to mine and grabbed my hand and fell back asleep. I smiled. I was in Heaven.

Every time she does this, I take in every second of it I can because I think it’ll be the last time she does it. Who knows, maybe it was the last time? But I’m always hoping for just one more.

Growing up: it’s an inevitability. Getting older: it’s an inevitability. Dying: it’s an inevitability. It’s something that everyone -especially me- struggles with at some point in their life. I have for as long as I can remember; wrestling with mortality. Many books have helped (including my recent favorite, “The Sacred Depths of Nature”) and the arguments make complete logical sense, but convincing myself of these things and embracing the facts/answers is another story. One day at a time…

Well today, I’ll push through the tiredness and make it through work and get the kids to play practice and soccer practice and do all those things, energized by the memory of last night, the gift of today, and the hope for tomorrow.

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