My Morning Drive

I just wanted to share some pictures I took on my commute this morning. It was a summer morning in early Spring – that’s Ohio for you. An unaccustomed warmth accompanied the fog over the cornfields. The Sun rose optimistically in the east while the birds sang their springtime pop songs…


I drove past the same fields and over same creeks like a thousand times before, only this time it was May sixth, twenty-fifteen. This day will happen only once for all eternity, and I was there to witness it. I was there to see the waning moon set over the newly planted fields hugged on all sides by overprotective trees and blanketed by a comforter of fog…


On I drove past farmhouses and picket fences while sleepy souls finished their dreams. I breathed deeply the air and lavished the moisture, taking in all I could. The ride is only fifteen minutes, but it’s fifteen minutes on Planet Earth. Fifteen genuine minutes I get to spend being alive…


There was an eternity before I was born and there will be an eternity after I die, but for these fleeting fifteen minutes of my existence – fifteen ‘boring, everyday’ minutes, I experienced… I was conscious. I was alive.

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  • Dad on 2015-05-10

    Life is good

  • Dad on 2015-05-10

    It’s great to be alive!

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