Spring, soon

From Thoreau’s journals:

“All nature revives at this season… If a man do not revive with nature in the spring, how shall he revive when a white-collared priest prays for him?”

Oh man, it hit me hard this morning. Inspiration. Awakening. The anticipation of Spring. The desire to get outside and experience Life again. Go on a hike. Listen. Smell. Live in the world.

It’s partly due to the fact that I have cabin fever every year this time of year, and this year is no exception. I’m tired of being stuck inside. I know, the world is still ‘the world’ no matter what the season, but I’m just not a big fan of winter! It’s too cold for me. I like it early on, but Ohio winters tend to just drag on. The only positive thing about winter is that it really makes you appreciate the rest of the year. And I do…

It’s also partly due to Chet Raymo. I’ve said countless times how much I love Chet Raymo (I swear he writes just for me) and his book, Natural Prayers in particular. This morning I was reading the section where he spends time musing about springtime and his words hit me at the exact right moment. I had a good night’s sleep last night, I feel refreshed. On my way to my car this morning I noticed rabbit tracks; I looked out towards the observatory since I had noticed a hole in the ground under the deck and assumed I had a furry neighbor, and there he/she was! Coincidentally, while reading his book a little later, I looked out the window and caught a beautifully large hawk swoop down and effortlessly glide over the treetops, probably looking for a snack. The animals are waking. The days are getting longer. The temperature is edging up. I’m ready…

It may be a little early, I may be jumping the gun but I cannot plan my moments of inspiration. I used to try and quell these feelings until the ‘right time,’ but I’ve never been successful and end up wasting them. Instead lately, I’ve been embracing them regardless if it’s the appropriate time or not. It may be short lived, fading as fast as it hit, or it may endure to Spring. Either way, I’m going to enjoy this moment.

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  • Bee on 2015-03-06

    Spring is a rejuvenation of our dormant spirit isn’t it?

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