Warm Vacay Getaway

Oh my gosh, it’s just too cold! Too cold to go outside anyway – even just to warm up your car. FOWLS says it’s -16°C (2°F) and it feels every bit of it. Luckily there’s almost no wind. The skies are clear; it’s actually very pretty outside despite the cold. –Super clear, calm skies, Jupiter dominating the west, Scorpius high in the south, a pretty pink lining in the east as the Sun begins to emerge turning the pitch black sky into a deep, rich blue.

Everything is frozen down here on the surface though. It’s not normally this cold. Sort-of makes you appreciate just how good we have it most of the time. Most of the (outer) solar system is much, much colder than this! Although, there are days on Mars that are actually a little warmer than this. Who’s up for a trip? A little warm, vacation getaway?…

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