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Today, I’m doing a little spring cleaning. But wait, it’s December 22 you say? And you haven’t even been able to go out to the observatory in weeks because of weather? Sub-zero temperatures, overcast skies, downpours, snowstorms… and now you’re telling me you’re doing some ‘Spring Cleaning’ three days before Christmas?! One day after the Winter Solstice?! That’s right kids, welcome to Ohio. The kids have had multiple snow days off school within the last few weeks and we got a record amount of rain the last day or so, and now I’m sitting in the observatory in a short-sleeve shirt with the breeze flowing through the open door and sunny skies above. Yep – Ohio.

It’s actually really weird to have such warm weather (~62deg) and have the sun so low in the sky. It’s midday and the shadows are so long! Kinda eerie. Anyways – Thoroughly cleaned the observatory. I had to rid the place of hundreds of ladybugs. They clumped together in nests of many tens to well over a hundred in some spots. I collected a couple chrysalises. Dunno of what yet, but I bet my microscope and a little dissection will tell me! On my website I have an automated graph of current weather conditions as well as a live video feed of the sky. The video feed recently stopped working for some unknown reason and I’ve been trying to figure out a remedy – another reason why I’m out here. So far, no such luck. How did I get it working in the first place?! Many of my other projects are working well as of now; video camera and security systems, VoIP phone line, weather station, even fixed my garage door! I recently have been playing with small electronic projects (breadboard stuff) and made my first radio broadcast! It only went a few inches but my AM radio picked it up just fine. Now: more power!

Today is the second full day of my nine-day holiday vacation that I’m very excited for. I’m hoping to continue with many of these projects I have. What I’m really hoping for is a clear night sky – just ONE night, please! – so I can get a good webcam stacked image of Jupiter. I believe a clear night will be coming soon. I also believe it will be twenty degrees below zero and I will be right back where I started. -Welcome to Ohio.


Random personal data points: Yesterday I ran 4 miles (on a treadmill) in 32:30. I drank 5 beers last night while playing Minecraft and went to bed around 1:30am. I weighed 168lbs this morning and the left side of my jaw (joint) has been ‘clicking’ and buggin me lately. I had an awesome dream last night (which Ella woke me up from by punching be in the face while she slept!) and I miss two of my friends.

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