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  • Full Moon

    2014-03-15 / 22:35 Local Time (Columbus, Ohio) Astro-Tech 6″ AT6RC Canon T3 @ 1/800s, 200iso Single frame, no stacking… minimal processing – a little brightness/contrast (in Photoshop) but that’s it. I tried to get the most ‘pure’ picture as possible. There’s no cropping whatsoever… That is the complete, full frame I took… I used BackyardEOS to do […]

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  • The Adena Rover

    I finally decided to build a rover. It turned out to be one of the best projects I’ve ever pursued. It’s been so much fun! I’m seriously amazed at how much I’ve learned about applied mechanics, electronics, and just the design process in general. The most rewarding part so far though has to be actually […]

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  • Winter Stimulation

    Well, since we’re going on four or so months of one of the worst winters I can remember, I’ve had to take on other small projects to keep my mind stimulated while I wait for human-tolerable weather conditions so I can start observing again! I made an intercom system from the house to the observatory […]

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