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  • 2008-09-07

    75°F -Low Humidity 8:00pm-8:30pm -It still amazes me how easily you can see Jupiter and it’s 3 (sometimes 4!) big moons with the smallest and cheapest binoculars. There’s no need for an expensive, large aperture scope… just grab an old pair of binoculars you got laying around -even your childs’ toy binoculars- and go check […]

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  • 2008-09-06

    70°F? 9:23pm Cool night. Clear. Half moon low in south west. Saw two meteors. One short, bright, slow in north east. Another longer, dim fast overhead. Jupiter looks great! Can see 4 very distinct cloud bands and 4 crisp moons. Saw the ‘double-double’ in Lyra. The colorful nose of the dolphin in Delphinus.   11:30pm […]

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  • Time to Move On

    Some of my earliest childhood memories are playing on the playground during recess, throwing a football and running foot races, while the nuns watched over us making sure none of us did anything bad or potentially dangerous. I went to Catholic school and the nuns were also our teachers. Little did we know that they were the ones […]

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