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  • A Random Collection of Pictures

    By keeping a personal (hand-written) journal, I’ve found a different method of venting my thoughts and ideas. Unfortunately for this blog, it’s the thing that has suffered from it the most; I just don’t post as much stuff as I used to. I had an idea to remedy this while scrolling through pictures I’ve collected over the […]

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  • Hopewell 1

    :: The Hopewell 1 rocket :: Seeded by my lifelong love of all things space, technology, and science, and inspired by the amazing computer game Kerbal Space Program, I decided to build my own rocket – complete with a science experiment! I had previously designed and built my own rover in an attempt to (crudely) mimic […]

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  • Midsummer Conjunction

    I waited months for the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in the night sky this July where the two planets would be separated by less than a full moon’s width. For weeks leading up to the event we had record rainfall and complimentary cloud cover. I feared the uncommon event would pass without a chance to […]

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