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  • 2008-08-11

    73°F 9:00pm -1st ‘naked eye’ observing night. Why?… Persied Meteor Shower. Perfect weather. Clear skies, cool and calm. Jupiter is high in the south near the waxing moon, (which will set at 12:21am) and Mars low in the west. I’ll try to stay up as late as I can since peak observing time is early […]

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  • 2008-08-08

    70’s 10:00pm -Got scope out many times throughout the summer, though never logged any sightings/data. 1st cool night. Clear calm skies. (bright surrounding lights) :( (12.5mm eyepiece, then 6mm for some doubles, then 9mm) -M22 in Sagittarius. (1st globular clusters I’ve ever seen. Pretty cool!) 10,500 light years away… -M4 in Scorpius. Not nearly as […]

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