Potential Thoughts

We all have these little communication devices in our hands most of the day. They’re little extensions of us, of how we communicate. They get their energy from tiny batteries inside them, and we feed these batteries by plugging them into bigger batteries or other larger power sources like a vast array of repluggable umbilical cords.

Ultimately, the power inside these devices is what facilitates our communication. When we text someone, the energy resource is derived from this tiny depository, then fed through some electronic mechanism which packages that energy up into a very specific form. It gets sent streaming through the air where it is received by someone else’s communication extension. And now that person knows what you just knew.

Our thoughts are stored inside the battery of our phones just like a masterpiece statue is hiding within every piece of rough marble. The energy in the battery is simply sitting there waiting for you to mold it into a certain form; to chisel it into a precise format to be delivered through an unseen medium. It’s almost magic. It’s practically alchemy.

A thought, sitting in your head as some manifestation of consciousness, can be transmogrified through a magical combination of different chemical potentials and electronic states, producing miniscule electromagnetic waves emanating at the speed of light which are received by a similar device, reverse-processed, and projected through variations in light and color on a screen to invoke the same thought instantly in another consciousness across space.

Any and every potential combination of words and ideas are just idly sitting there within that battery, patiently waiting – every best love song, every ultimate poem, every cure to every disease… all the answers to every question not even dreamt of yet.

We hold the magic of reality and science in our hands, taking it for granted every single day. This true wizardry was inconceivable mere decades ago, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds just a few short decades from now. Nature is prodigious; human consciousness and ingenuity are profound.

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