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  • Cowboy Poets

    Here and Now ran a great segment on NPR yesterday about The 31st National Cowboy Poetry Gathering happening in Nevada. They played an interview recorded at last years gathering of a cattle rancher who “comes from a long line of cowboy poets.” His name is Gaul Steiger and he spoke about how his grandfather was a well-known poet […]

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  • Warm Vacay Getaway

    Oh my gosh, it’s just too cold! Too cold to go outside anyway – even just to warm up your car. FOWLS says it’s -16°C (2°F) and it feels every bit of it. Luckily there’s almost no wind. The skies are clear; it’s actually very pretty outside despite the cold. –Super clear, calm skies, Jupiter […]

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  • Let There Be Light

    A fierce winter storm passed over the Midwest yesterday and has since made its way to New England. News reports are saying that the blizzard is one of the worst in a long time for the North East but luckily here in Columbus, we escaped with only a few inches. It was enough to make […]

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  • The 1%

    Back in 2011, a political movement (the Occupy movement) was spawned whose goal was to address the income and wealth inequality among the US population (which eventually spread worldwide). Their slogan was “We are the 99%,” referring to the fact that a large amount of the wealth was concentrated in 1% of the population; data from […]

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  • A Roll of the Dice

    A Quick Note on Probability… Yesterday, I posted my virus simulation computer program that loosely demonstrates how viruses replicate and mutate. In real life, what makes a virus a virus is its particular genetic code, either DNA or RNA. This code can get altered by radiation damaging the code for example, or a mistake in […]

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