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  • 2014-10-26

    05:00:00 – 07:00:00 7°C Woke up early to get an image of Jupiter with the webcam. It’s prime viewing/imaging conditions right now: early morning, no moon, still cold calm air… best I can ask for anyway. It’s Sunday morning so it’s very quiet and peaceful out. Very nice… I captured ~5000 frames of Jupiter high […]

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  • Striking Autumn

    Here are a few pictures I took with my phone on my latest trip to Chestnut Ridge Metro Park, south-east of Columbus. It’s definitely Fall here and I’m loving it! It’s been more wet here than usual… I think that’s why the grass is still so green. Such a nice contrast with the colors of the […]

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  • Melancholy

    Down. Stuck in a rut. Glum. Uninspired. Melancholy. Hey, at least it’s not depression, right? -I mean absolutely no offense to the actual depressed folks out there. Depression must be miserable. I feel for those folks. I’m aware of how debilitating it is and even how life-threatening it can be, and I’m sorry that anyone […]

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