Wind: From NNE at 8 mph

Humidity: 45%

Pressure: 30.37 in.

Dew Point: 29°F

Visibility: 10.0 miles


-First Light!! I’m gonna write more about this later since I HAVE to get to bed soon, but I had to write SOMETHING on my first night out with my new scope… Usually when you have a fairly technical piece of equipment that you’re not used to, it takes a while to get things situated and figured out, then something usually goes wrong, and you end up having a poor time. But I gotta say, that was not the case tonight! I would definitely call tonight a success, and it was a lot of fun. Of course, the equipment wasn’t COMPLETELY foreign since I’ve been studying it for the last week or so while I waited on an extra component (that I didn’t know I needed) and for clear skies. Setup and allignment went really smoothly and I ended up seeing a few things I’ve never seen before! Got to check out M104 (Sombrero Galaxy) which was OK, but my skies here are HORRIBLE (can’t WAIT to get to some dark skies!)… and I checked out the Beehive Cluster which was really cool through my 2″ wide-field eyepiece. I saw a few other things but my main purpose for going out was basically just to make sure everything worked and how well. I’m definitely pleased and impressed! I didn’t however get to check out my DSI Pro II yet, but I will soon… Anyways, I’m tipping back a nice cold Budweiser for a very successful First Light Night!

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