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Perfect Fall evening. Fall has finally arrived…

After a horrible wet, cold, long winter, then a spring that lasted well into summer, then a very hot/humid summer appearing late into the season, we finally have some fall weather! It’s a cool, calm evening just after sunset and I’m hoping to have a nice night of observing tonight. The sky is perfectly clear and the moon is waning, Stacy doesn’t have to work tomorrow and I took a nap today so I have absolutely no reason to not be out here.

– First things first though – I have to align the scope. It’s been a few months and even though it has remained far-more aligned than I assumed it would, it’s time to re-align it and get it ready for prime seeing: Fall! -Telescope season… I’m ready! I put in vacation time at work to have almost every weekend in October be a 3-day weekend so I’m pretty excited about that.

-Well, time to get started!

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