My Backyard Natural History Museum

I mentioned in the past that I wanted to display a few things I’ve collected inside the observatory as a sort-of faux/mini natural history museum. Here are a few pictures of my collection so far. It’s basically a few species of insects, a couple fossils, an arrowhead, some notable rocks, my 2008 eclipse picture, and a few other trinkets (i.e. space-themed Lego).

My progress has been slow since everything I’m displaying I’ve found and collected myself, mostly from my backyard (minus the Lego). As you can imagine, it’s tough to find an interesting variety of specimens when you’re confined to such a small space. It’s getting there though! One step at a time…

Why am I doing this? For one, I love natural history and natural history museums so I wanted to re-create that environment – albeit on a miniature scale. The other reason is to show that these amazing things we see in magazines like Natural Geographic don’t strictly exist in far-off lands; they’re also right in your backyard! Your backyard – as docile and domestic as it may seem – is still a genuine piece of a bona fide planet. Many amazing things take place there, you just have to slow down and look. Have patience and see what’s under that rock… you might be amazed.




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  • Uncle John on 2014-09-04

    Really cool Jeffery, keep it up.

  • Paul and Diane Place on 2014-09-08

    Wow Jeffery!! I am very impressed with your accomplishments and ambitions expressed on your site. Diane and I so enjoyed meeting and visiting with you and your wife at the Hilton in Cincinnati. Thanks for turning me on to your site. I’m sure I will enjoy several hours here exploring your space. I especially respect the relationship that you have with your Dad and family. You will undoubtedly go places.

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