Science lust

Remember your first kiss? Your heart was pounding, your palms were sweaty, your mind was racing… How exciting?! Oh man, what a rush. After thinking about it, every time you kiss someone new the feeling was probably very similar. I think the excitement lies in uncertainty. You don’t know what’s going to happen! Are you going to like it? Are they going to like it? What is it going to feel like? What’s going to happen afterwards? Of course, biology plays a huge roll in our desire to kiss and be intimate with someone, but there’s no denying the unknown realm emanates certain enticing probabilities. Anticipation. Desire. Mystery.

But, do you know what else holds great mystery? The world. The universe! Everything around you is a hidden question waiting to be answered! Look around. Discoveries are out there and they’re meant to be made. Science is the tool we need to make those discoveries.

There is empirical evidence that the atoms that make up you and me were formed in the core of long dead stars. Finding out that I am made of star dust is simply mind-blowing; but realizing there may be bigger discoveries out there sets my mind racing. The fact that a manmade robot roving around on Mars found evidence that water once flowed freely is awe-inspiring; but the prospect of finding life somewhere other than Earth makes my palms sweaty. Making a breakthrough as momentous as Germ Theory and consequently saving billions of lives is heartbreakingly wonderful; but knowing there’s a cure for cancer waiting to be discovered makes my heart flutter.

Science is a never-ending pool of girls you’ve never kissed.

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  • muna on 2014-04-05

    Ha! I love this.

    Absolutely loved the last sentence… beautiful analogy. The WORLD is full of girls you’ve never kissed. The universe. Everything around us is like a girl we’ve never kissed. Just take a closer look.

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