3D Printed Projects

Here are some of the things I’ve printed with my 3D printer over the past year or so… I’ve printed tons more things – especially mods for the printer itself – but they’re not shown below. I’ll post them as I get around to it.

(Also, the ‘assorted prints’ at the bottom are all found on Thingiverse as well, they’re just not linked.)

Fallout 4 Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV :: Thingiverse

Fallout laser pistol :: Thingiverse

Ukulele (Yes, it works! You can actually play it!) :: Thingiverse

RetroPi (Raspberry Pi / Nintendo emulator) :: Thingiverse

AstroTech AT6RC Bahtinov mask (*Original design) :: Thingiverse 

:: Assorted makes ::


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